Croft Architecture's fresh new look

We are excited to bring news about an exciting change that we have been workng on - a fresh NEW LOOK for Croft Architecture! We know that we’re biased but we think it looks awesome and we hope that you like it too. Let us tell you more.

Why are we changing?

There’s nothing deep and meaningful behind the change, in fact, it’s quite easy to explain. Croft Architecture is now 11 years old and we’ve been intending to '"bring in the decorators'" for some time to give our look and website a refresh. We wanted an uplifting new look and website that’s modern, positive and welcoming to reflect us as a practice.

We love design and drawing, and we aspire to make a difference changing places for the better, making them more exciting, and attractive than when we started. We feel privileged to be able to positively change lives through design, creating places where people can thrive.

What’s changing?

Nothing fundamental is changing, except for our hot new look! No seriously, the team and business are exactly the same as as we were yesterday. So, sit back, relax, and click to take a look around our new site. 

Take a look around. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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