Creative young designer needed to design Santa's new workshop

Croft Architecture are pleased to announce that we have won a contract to design a new workshop and distribution centre at the North Pole.

Our client, Santa Claus, has specifically requested that we acquire the skills of a talented, young, aspiring architect to help our team to add that extra special design magic to his stables for the reindeers, a new production space and sleigh distribution area. 

Are you aged 11 or under? Do you have the imagination and creativity to design the perfect NEW workshop for Santa and his Elves to make all the presents in time for Christmas 2024? 

Santa is relying upon you and your exciting ideas and the Big Man himself will help us to select the winning design.

If successful, we'll bring your design to life on the computer for Santa see and share this with you. You'll also receive an awesome architecture book to inspire and guide you as you start your journey to becoming an architect of the future.

What do I need to do?

Get creative, gather your pens, pencils or modelling kit to create new design solution for Santa's workshop.

Don’t forget to include somewhere to keep his list and space for him to check it twice. 😉

When you’ve finalised your masterpiece, ask your parent or guardian to email your design to us at by Christmas Eve.

We’ll share your design Santa after he’s had a well-earned rest. We’ll help him to select a winner and share this on Instagram and Facebook on Friday 29th December. Remember to follow and like our pages to see if you’ve won.

Let your creativity run wild and have fun.

Merry Christmas from the Croft Architecture Team and Good Luck! 



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