Croft successfully renew ISO Certifications 

Croft Architecture are pleased to announce that we have we achieved independent accreditation across FOUR British Quality Standards, and we’ve continued achieve the ISO accreditations annually for the last four years.

Our dedicated team work extremely hard to ensure that the high standards are consistently met and we are delighted to have been awarded the following ISO accreditations;

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management
  • ISO 22301: Business Continuity
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001: Health and Safety Management

Why ISO?

We like and embrace the ethos of ISO - it’s fair, measured, certified & internationally recognised.

The streamlined ISO approach clearly outlines the way to achieve quality through bench marking, consistent performance and service.

We choose to continually use ISO as a means of accreditation because it’s important to us at Croft Architecture that we are independently assessed and accredited to guarantee a fair appraisal that provides clear and measured results.

Croft Architecture’s decision to continually work towards ISO accreditation's demonstrates our commitment to improve planning, operations, systems, training and subsequently our service to clients.

The ISO accreditation has led to improved working procedures that helps us to continually monitor and manage quality across the business. Our systems provide us with concise and comprehensive outcomes which are continually evolving to facilitate future planning that will successfully drive forward improvements through the business year on year.

 Independent Evaluation

We underwent an extensive company wide external independent audit led by Wayne Pearce from Eaglet Business Systems that included an evaluation of document and record control, identification of any non-conformances and the corrective action taken, (non were identified), record of training and competencies, system development and documentation and the roles and responsibilities within the practice.

What’s next?

Croft Architecture Sarah Croft Carl Croft

Carl Croft, Managing Director, says;

“ISO is one of the most rigorous and well-regarded standards in the world. We’re thrilled to have successfully achieved all four ISO standards again this year and we’ll continue to drive improvements throughout the practice, monitoring, managing and enhancing quality across all areas of the business.

ISO isn't a static certification of achievement, it's a measurement of continuous improvement and consistency. We're always striving to develop at Croft Architecture; improvement and positive changes remain the forefront of our minds and as a result we have extremely efficient systems in place.

The team and I are extremely proud of our achievement and we aspire to continually improve the quality throughout the business to ensure that we continue to improve upon our service to our clients employees, suppliers & society."

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