Our Core Values


“Our people at Croft Architecture share a common set of core values of who we are and how we operate. This is what makes us tick, why we make our decisions, and what drives the passion behind Croft Architecture.” 

Carl Croft Croft Architecture


Together we represent our company with strong moral standards, embodying our principles of truth, honour, trust and reliability. We conduct ourselves in the best possible manner so that our company reflects our own good character.


We recognise that we are the custodians of our environment. We will leave our towns, cities and countryside better than we received them, for society and the natural world. We carry out our activities with the greatest respect for people and wildlife, minimise the use of resources and impact of development, and work to create social capital in all that we do.

Enhancing knowledge

Every day we become better at what we do. We actively seek to drive improvement through our company, our people, and the work that we do. We embrace challenges as opportunities, and innovate in resolving them to provide the greatest benefit.


Our company act as one. We work together as a team to achieve our company objectives. We cooperate and collaborate with all parties engaged with our projects in order to achieve excellence in the results of our activities.

Quality in Service

We are committed to providing clear, concise and accurate information and advice. We focus on results, and do all we can to achieve the desired outcome. Our services are consistently of a high standard delivering good designs while deftly controlling information, managing consultants and delivering projects on time and within budget.