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10 Things you need to know before building a house extension

The Ultimate Guide to House ExtensionsWith this eBook, you’ll discover 10 quick essential tips for planning your home project. Before you get carried away with the excitement of the project digest this useful guide.

The result: you’ll learn essential information and know-how and to equip you with thought, careful planning and patience to get your desired end result.

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How design can support dementia care

How design can support dementia careThis eBook will guide you through 7 simple simple design measures that can enhance a person’s life living with dementia.

There is no ‘one size fits all approach’.

Discover how careful design consideration can meet patient’s needs, but also create an environment that works for everyone that touches the lives of those living dementia.

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CDM has changed: What’s your safety role in your project?

CDM Regulations Guide 2015Don’t be reckless and take on safety responsibilities with your building project in an attempt to save money!

Not using the skills of professionals such as Architects could inevitably put people’s health and safety will be at risk, and any accidents could end in prosecution.

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